Configuration of the Elecraft K2 for 5MHz Transverter Use

At G3YMC my Elecraft K2 is used in conjunction with a Datong UpConverter to give me receive capability on the band. The following method using the K2 transverter options is used. This method could also be used in conjunction with a suitable transmit mixer for full transceive operation, I use a separate VXO transmitter and the transmit output of the K2 is not used. Although used with the Datong, it could equally be used with other receive converters with a change in the default K2 band if necessary.

The transvert functions of the K2 allow for the readout on the K2 to show the correct 5MHz frequency. If there is a small frequency error in the transverter reference this may be corrected in the settings (this is important on 5MHz as the channels are only 3kHz wide and care must be take to ensure all transmissions are in band). Other settings such as use of the separate receive antenna, preamp, tuning rates, mode and filter settings are also stored in the transverter position. Up to three totally independent transverter 'bands' may be set up and enabled as required. I use TRN1 and this appears as an extra band selected by the BAND+ and BAND- buttons.

To set up the K2 to operate as a transverter with a receive converter covering 5MHz and a receive IF of 28MHz:

The K2 must have revision 2 firmware or later (all current K2s do)

Tap MENU then tap DISPLAY to select the secondary menu options
Rotate the tuning knob until TRN1 is displayed
Press and hold MENU to select the right hand edit option
Rotate the tuning knob and change OFF to ON
Leaving the setting in the right hand option, press DISPLAY. A set of submenus is displayed.
Select the various submenus by repeatedly pressing DISPLAY and set as follows:
RF      5 (for 5MHz)
IF     28MHz   (for 28MHz)
OFS  0, or as required (offset, to correct for errors in the transverter reference, +/-9.99kHz)
OUT  1.0  (output power on transmit, not used here. 1W is the minimum, or set to POT)

Press and hold MENU to exit and save the settings
Press MENU again and press DISPLAY to reset to the primary menu options

You will now find TRN1 appears in the band selections above 28MHz. The Datong is connected to the receive antenna socket (part of the 160m option). Select the receive antenna (MENU RANT to ON in the Primary menus). Set preamp, tuning rate and filters as per your preferences and all is done.